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Genotype DNA Extraction - SPLaboratorios - ALMERIA  

High-throughput isolation o DNA from plant leaf or seeds samples for PCR-based genotyping analysis.

The SP plant DNA extraction is tailored for the DNA marker genotyping method.
The SP Plant DNA Extraction kit can be used to extract DNA from plant leaf or seed samples using a simple, one-tube protocol that takes only 2-3 minutes.
The SP Plant method allows inexpensive processing of hundreds to thousands of samples simultaneously, without grinding the sample, centrifugation, spin columns, or any toxic solvent.

The procedure is fully compatible with robotic automation, provides a ready to use DNA sample, and is reproducible.
Simply follow the 3 step protocol, 1-2 ul DNA sample to be used in 96\384 DNA marker genotyping plate.

Ready to use DNA for the DNA marker
Nontoxic, inexpensive processing.
Fast procedure 2 minutes for 96 well plate.
Suitable for high-throughput or automated workflow.

Add 40ul Buffer A
Heat samples 98ºC
for 90 seconds
Add 120ul Buffer B Dilute 20ul of samples,
into 75ul buffer C
Add 2ul DNA into 
96well plate.
Add 1.2ul DNA into 
384well plate

Available kits:
Cat# kit content Kit size
SP-01 Buffer A: 5ml 96 samples
Buffer B: 12ml
Buffer C: 8ml

SP-02 Buffer A: 25ml 5X96 samples
Buffer B: 2X30ml
Buffer C: 40ml

SP-03 Buffer A: 50ml 10X96 samples
Buffer B: 3X40ml
Buffer C: 2X40ml

The SP DNA plant extraction is customized for the downstream genotyping application.
It is well known that this product does not suite other (less robust) genotyping methods.
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